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You may be wondering about our company name! 

The company had its beginnings as H. E. Harper Land Surveyor in 1963. Henry E. Harper or Jack, as most everyone called him, was in the surveying business until his death in 1997. Jack was well known throughout the surveying community as a true professional and a leader with uncompromising personal and business ethics. His goal was to deliver a superior product at a fair price.  Jack specialized in commercial projects. He has staked out many of the buildings and malls that you ride by everyday including NAME SOME.   He was also, well known for his excellent and complete boundary surveys. The quality of his surveying has withstood the “test of time” because the surveyors of today that continue to follow behind his work appreciate the thoroughness and skills that he possessed.

Charles W. Worthy was very active and well thought of in the surveying community. He served as past president of the "Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia", published various articles and contributed much of his time serving the surveying community.  He was well known as a "collector of information". Although he was widely recognized for his boundary and topographic surveys, he also was highly skilled in many other surveying disciplines.  Charles had an extensive plat library containing the surveys of C. R. Roberts, H. V. Fitzpatrick and many drawings of the "Conn Map Files" and others. The library consists of between 100,000 to 125,000 drawings and to this day, is maintained by Bostwick, Duke, Harper, & Worthy. 

Gary A. Duke provided survey crews for Jack for over 16 years.  Together they worked with clients on all phases of construction surveying.  Gary excelled at bringing qualified individuals together to form highly trained field crews that could meet the changing needs of clients in a professional and reliable manner.  Gary ’s knowledge of construction staking is unparalleled. Gary has the uncanny ability to review a set of blueprints and detect if something will not work or needs a little tweaking. Developers and owners have recognized that he brings a value to the job site that often saves them time and money. Gary actively performs his role as vice president of our company.

Tommy C. Bostwick worked with Charles Worthy for over 25 years. He started as a field crewmember and learned all aspects of the fieldwork. His passion for innovation and use of technology enabled him to develop ways to perform field and office work more efficiently. He introduced new technology for data collection and processing and wrote numerous computer programs that helped the company perform field and office tasks quicker and more precise. Tom continues to learn and introduce new ideas to the company at his role of president.


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